Get personalized experience on every new tab

Bye Bye boring tabs, hello Subtle Tab!

Subtle tab, a new tab chrome extension, gives rejoicing experience to relieve stress with eye soothing wallpapers, keeps you updated about time and weather, provides you widgets like notes and to-do to better manage your daily tasks

Refreshing Wallpapers

Gives you refreshing wallpapers of your choice from different categories or you can custom wallpapers which changes after certain new tab. It makes sure you see a new wallpaper every.

Coming Soon


You can create different lists and each list can have various to-dos in order to manage your tasks in better way. You can also see your tasks due for today and can repeat a task after regular intervals


No more visiting different websites to create handy notes, its available on every new tab. You can create different note lists and can add rich text in notes, support bold, italics, colored text, etc. by keyboard shortcuts.

Live Weather

It’s now easy to get updates on weather conditions based on your Geo location or you can add your city name, e.g. Delhi

Day & Time

Keep track of current day and time


Different customizations for widgets to suit your requirements. You can turn off a widget, set change interval of wallpapers, add custom wallpapers, change settings specific to widgets, etc.